Luxury is about fulfilling a need without being asked, it’s about blending quality with passion and personality, and it’s about holding the world around you to the high standards you hold yourself.  


All of this and more happens every-day within the Midland’s area, yet luxury and the celebration of luxury has traditionally always been affiliated with London. By launching the Midland’s first luxury show we wanted to put this right. Our region is full of craft, artistry, ingenuity, and innovation; and we are hoping to present a small sample of this by bringing together like-minded people that share our passion for a distinctive brand of luxury and quality that only the Midlands can achieve.

Situated in the stunning, five-star setting of one of the UK’s premiere golf courses and resorts, the Midlands Luxury show is your chance to be a part of the region’s first luxury lifestyle exhibition, an annual event with a prestige and glamour that will only grow over time. Alongside The Belfry being a world-renowned golfing venue, the resort also prides itself on possessing distinguished events facilities that rival the beauty and grandeur of its iconic courses.  We have confidence that this will create the ultimate platform for an exhibition that has been uniquely designed to cater to a luxury lifestyle. 

We believe that the Midlands deserves a luxury show, and want to fulfil this need without ever being asked.